New life for your old tyres

Tyre consumers do not have a recycling obligation; however, they can play their part in the recycling chain fairly effortlessly. The system is paid for through recycling fees, which are ultimately collected from consumers in connection to new tyre purchases.

End-of-life tyres can be returned for recycling free of charge at any store selling tyres. Finnish Tyre Recycling’s collection points­ accept old tyres without a purchase obligation. Rim removal may be subject to a charge.

Tyre materials and cash flows:
Materiaali- ja rahavirrat eng

Tyres are stored and sorted at collection points, from where they are subsequently transported to the recycling operator’s local terminals for further processing for a variety of purposes. Thus, tyres are given a new life after they have reached the end of their original purpose.

Finnish Tyre Recycling is the only producer association approved by the Pirkanmaa ELY Centre. We are in charge of tyre recycling, communication and administering the system in accordance with the law and valid agreements on behalf of our producer members.

Further information:
The pioneers of producer responsibility. Tyre recycling in Finland, Sweden and Norway, 2014.